Conclusion of the IEML seminar

This fall, Pierre Lévy the inventor of the IEML language, gave the first workshop devoted to it at the University of Montreal. This event could be organized thanks to the investment of the philosopher and holder of a research chair in digital textualities, Marcello Vitali Rosati.

This workshop was the opportunity for Pierre Lévy to presents his work on the IEML grammar and dictionary to researchers of different fields of expertise, that are aware of the challenges of the semantic web. IEML is part of the field of digital humanities research, which seeks to transcend the processes of writing and publishing articles in human science by making the best use of computer tools. This event gathered different profiles, from philosophy and literacy to deep learning NLP researchers. Some people from the industry (NLP and HR) also attended the workshop.

This allowed Pierre and me to confront our work with their perspectives, and to reflect on new possibilities. I have summarized the main achievements of the workshop in the following list :

  • The seminar began with a detailed explanation of the IEML grammar. All the sessions were recorded in order to start building an online learning resource database (only in French for the moment).
  • The participants were convinced of IEML’s expressive capability. Pierre demonstrated the writing of words in IEML and the power of subtle nuance that this language can offer. Participants also had the opportunity to write words to convince themselves of the reproducibility of these results.
  • The intlekt tool for editing IEML expression, which I designed, has been tested by a larger audience. Users were enthusiastic about using it, and their feedback allowed me to improve the UI. I have had positive feedback on the quality of the tool.
“Constitutional monarchy” written in IEML by Pierre Lévy with

This workshop was a success, the community of IEML enthusiasts has grown, and we have started new collaborations on exciting research topics :

  • Marcello Vitali Rosati wants to be involved in disseminating writing skills in IEML to researchers in the humanities. A first version of the tag lexicon (~200 tags) of the journal Sens Public that he directs was translated in IEML, and a project to translate the tag lexicon of the article search engine Isidore is planned. Marcello also wants to integrate IEML into his innovative article editing application Stylo.
  • Vincent Letard, a researcher in natural language processing, wishes to explore the use of formal analogies on IEML expressions. The semantics and syntax of IEML expression being the same, this approach may open the way to compute semantic analogies in a deterministic manner.
  • David Alfonso Hermelo, a NLP researcher and linguist, wishes to explore methods of interfacing the IEML database with wiktionary.
  • Nicolas Chausseau, a NLP researcher, wants to explore the use of statistical learned deep language models to augment the IEML database.
  • We also discussed with Emmanuel Chateau Dutier about the definition of standard to give an unique IRI to each IEML expression, in order to be able to use IEML with the Semantic Web technologies.
Vincent Letard, David Alfonso Hermlo and Louis van Beurden working on formal analogies.

This workshop was a great success and we are likely to repeat the initiative next year.

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